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Lexi Home Non-Stick Carbon Steel Roasting Pan with Removable Rack

Lexi Home Non-Stick Carbon Steel Roasting Pan with Removable Rack

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Roast your meat with these high quality baking pans, made from Carbon Steel and made durable for heavy duty. This multi-purpose pan will work great as a roasting pan, lasagna pan, turkey roaster, baking pan, cake pan, and cooking pan in general. The heavy construction of the pan and handles included on the pan will also allow you to make any dish and safely and easily carry it around for any potluck occasion!


DURABLE: A durable roasting pan with a roasting rack made of high quality carbon steel. This cooking pan is super strong, but not too heavy and will not buckle under the weight of even the finest roast like the disposable counterparts will.

STEEL RACK: This baking dish comes with a removable baking rack. This wire rack elevates food to avoid direct contact with the bottom of the pan preventing the food from burning. The cooking rack also allows for easy draining to make sure you collect plenty of juices for your gravies.

HEAVY DUTY HANDLES: This dish pan also includes heavy duty handles making the cooking tray easily portable. The handles allow you to easily place the oven tray in and out of the oven, as well as carry around your dish to a friend's potluck, dinner party, etc. for everyone to enjoy!

EASY CLEAN UP: A dishwasher safe nonstick pan. This dishwasher safe baking pan will not tear at all if placed in the dishwasher, and the non-stick coating will allow for easy removal of the dish you're cooking with little to no remnants left behind.
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