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Lexi Home 12 in. Carbon Steel 6 pc. Wok Set with Bamboo Stir Fry Tools

Lexi Home 12 in. Carbon Steel 6 pc. Wok Set with Bamboo Stir Fry Tools

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Start enjoying your favorite Asian dishes at home with this handy six-piece wok 12-inch set. The wok nonstick set features a 12-inch wok crafted from high-grade carbon steel for even heat distribution and excellent temperature retention. The high sides of the wok frying pan maximize space so you can evenly cook large portions, while the nonstick coating slides food right out of the large wok and makes cleaning hassle-free. The flat bottom of this cooking wok stays in place on any kind of range. The heat-resistant handle allows you to move the big wok anywhere without a problem. Also included with the metalwork is a lid, a grill, and a wok utensil set including a bamboo spatula, tongs, and a spoon for flipping, stirring, and serving.

Stir-frying with a wok for cooking allows you to cook meats, fish, noodles, vegetables, and poultry on high heat with only a small amount of cooking oil. This results in a healthier way to eat and you can prepare a meal for the whole family in no time. Cook meats on the grill designed to sit on top of the chef's wok while you stir fry your veggies or noodles in the pan. The possibilities are endless!


WOK ACCESSORIES: In addition to the Stainless Steel Grill, the round Wok comes with 12" Inch Wok Tongs, a 12" Inch Spatula, a 12" Inch Spoon, and a Carbon Steel Lid.

NONSTICK: This wok pan nonstick set makes cleaning a breeze after you’re done preparing a delicious meal.

GRILL: This home wok includes a grill that sits on top of the pan, allowing you to grill and saute simultaneously.

HEALTHY COOKING: This wok nonstick with lid allows you to prepare healthy meals since it requires less oil.

GREAT FOR ANY STOVE: These large woks can be used on any stove type and is a great gift for any home cook!

MEASURES: 22 (L) x 12 (W) x 3.25 (H)


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