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Lexi Home

Lexi Home 6 Cup Aluminum Stove Top Espresso Maker

Lexi Home 6 Cup Aluminum Stove Top Espresso Maker

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Stove Top Espresso Maker - 6 Cups Modern espresso machines can be confusing and messy to use. An easy solution to these more complicated modern electric espresso machines is a stovetop espresso maker. This hot espresso maker provides a simple and classic method of preparing espresso, brewed on your own stove in just minutes. The design of this stove-top espresso maker features a traditional eight-sided shape that allows heat to diffuse perfectly and heightens the flavor of your favorite espresso blend.

To use, start by filling the bottom of the stovetop espresso maker with fresh water and place the metal filter back on top. Fill the filter with well-ground coffee and screw the top of the metal espresso maker onto the bottom. Next place the home espresso maker on your stovetop on medium heat for 3 to 5 minutes. Now it is ready to serve however you prefer. With a heat resistant handle, you can easily carry it around the room. The stove espresso maker has a double flip top that lets you easily pour your espresso into a cup.


  • EASY TO USE: These cordless espresso makers are much easier to use than traditional espresso makers and won’t take up room on your countertop.
  • PORTABLE: Carry the espresso maker pot by the handle to take with you to the next room, or take it with you on a trip to have fresh espresso wherever you go.
  • POUR SPOUT: This cooktop espresso maker has a pour spout that makes pouring the coffee into a cup easy.
  • USE: Fill the base with water and insert the filter funnel. Fill the filter with finely ground coffee and screw the top onto the base. Place it on low to medium heat, and within minutes it is ready to serve.
  • STORES EASILY: Unlike today’s electric espresso machines, these coffee-espresso makers take up no room on your kitchen counter. Easily store it in a cabinet when not in use.


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